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Get all of your lubrication equipment from Woodall Equipment! We sell and service pumps, retractable hose reels, control handles, control valves, fluid inventory control and management systems and other lubrication equipment accessories.

We Can Help You Select The Right Lubrication Equipment

Can't decide? Call our office at 405-787-8103 and let us help you make the right decision. With all the different options we offer, we will make sure you pick the one that is right for you.


This is the heart of any dispensing system, so we only offer pumps that have been designed and tested at the highest standards.

We offer pumps:

  • For light, medium and heavy-duty applications requiring low to high flow rates

  • That are electric, hand and diaphragm

Hose Reels

We carry a full line of heavy-duty hose reels for most applications. Hoses are offered from ¼” ID to 1” ID with lengths up to 100’. These reels are manufactured to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

We offer:

  •  Standard

  •  Premium

  •  Enclosed

Control Handles

We carry a full range of control handles for any application. All handles are designed with shock resistant, high impact nylon shrouds.

We offer:

  •  Electronic

  •  Mechanical

Fluid Inventory Control

We have several systems available - so we have the right product for every application!

We offer:

  •  Standard

  •  Diesel Exhaust Fluid

  •  Premium Wireless

  •  Premium Wired


We have a selection of tanks for both motor oil and waste oil.

We offer:

  •  Portable Oil Dispensers

  •  Pressurized Lube Caddys

  •  Watershield Dispensers

  •  Tank Packages

Waste Oil

We offer a variety of waste oil drains that are manufactured to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

We offer:

  •  Self Evac

  •  Gravity

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