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Low rise lifts such as the Forward 10,000 pound 10000TL are the ideal choice for shops, businesses or home owners looking for a lift that'll fit their low ceilings. Have a little extra space in a smaller bay? This is the economical choice for tire rotation, seasonal business or an extra brake job here or there. Need to lift the vehicle off the floor to work on lower body panels, this is the lift. Drive over ramps and rubber blocks included for a number of lifting applications. Large lifting surface area means Forward thinkers lifting options are only limited by their imaginations. 10,000 lbs. capacity low rise, high capacity, do more with this little powerhouse.

Forward 10000TL | Low-Rise Lift

SKU: 10000TL
Available Colors: Black
    • ALI/ETL Certified
    • Drive-over ramps and side rails provide the width to support wider vehicles while approaching and exiting the lift
    • Dual lifting cylinders provide the power required to lift a 10,000 lbs. vehicle
    • The 10000TL comes with four 3-position adapters, four 3" rubber blocks and four 1-1/2" rubber blocks for added height
  • Specifications 10000TL 
    Capacity 10,000 lbs. (4536kg)
    Length Overall 90-1/2" (2299mm)
    Width Overall 78-1/2" (1994mm)
    Width Between Platforms 22-3/4" (578mm)
    Length of Platforms 51-1/4" (1301mm)
    Length of Pad 17" (7239mm)
    Outside Width of Platforms 70-3/4" (432mm)
    Horizontal Movement (during rise) 16" (406mm)
    Collapsed Heigh 4" (102mm)
    Locking Leg Heights 13-3/8" (340mm), 17-3/8" (441mm), 21-3/8" (543mm)
    Voltage* 115v
    Time of Full Rise 40 seconds
    Rise High Step 30-5/16" (770mm)
    Rise Mid Step 28-5/16" (719mm)
    Rise Low Step 26-5/16" (668mm)
    Rise Tall Pad 24-3/4" (627mm)
    Rise Short Pad 23-1/4" (591mm)
    Rise Flat 21-3/4" (552mm)
    * single phase standard; 3-phase available at additional cost
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