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  • Handles rims to 24” diameter outside clamping (26” with adapters)
  • Pneumatic tilt tower at the push of a foot pedal
  • Inflation jets integrated in the wheel clamps
  • B-directional two speed turntable with twin clamping cylinders
  • Right side mounted ‘Super Mini ‘ pneumatic assist tool offers :
    • HD tapered roller for gently rolling top bead on in remount cycle
    • Bead depressor following arm, holds the bead in the drop center preventing premature bead re- seating. Keeps hands away from risk of damage during remount cycle.
    • Lower lifting disc creates the ‘third hand’ needed to hold tire up while inserting tire bar
    • Wheel centering pressor cone, assists in holding and centering wheels while clamping from the outside
  • Side mounted bead breaker with protective polymer coating
  • Integrated water separator and air oiler

Mondolfo Ferro AS924 | SRM Mini Tire Changer

SKU: AS924
  • The AS924 offers all the features of the Mondolfo Ferro flagship AS944 with a little less steel and a little less cost.  The left side mounted mini offers the ability to change low profile, run-flat and high speed rated tires with ease. HD tapered roller has improved travel allowing it to drive difficult beads up from the bottom.

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