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  • Offers a supreme blend of ‘Damage free soft touch’ for alloy rims and ‘Direct Pneumatic power’ for changing the most difficult tire configurations.
  • Center wheel hold down safely and securely holds the rim while still offering unencumbered access to both top and bottom bead areas.
  • Traditional ‘mount/demount head has been completely redesigned eliminating the need for the ‘tire pry bar.
  • Advanced engineering research has created the optimal roller shape and best bead penetration angle of approach, offering 35 or 50 degree options.
  • Coordinated top and bottom rollers offer multi-function versatility for manipulating the tire vs rim on both demount and remount operations.
  • Right side mounted adjustable (in both position & angle) control panel is designed for simple joy stick operation of all machine assist functions.
  • Side mounted wheel lift easily raises heavy tire/wheel combinations onto the machine without risk of back strain.
  • Optional left side mounted bead depressor/follower arm available.

Mondolfo Ferro Raptor | with Wheel Lift & Pressmate

SKU: 90253




    • AS944 LL Lever-less tilt tower
    • AS944 LL SRM Eagle
  • We offer delivery and custom installation on all lifts. 

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