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  • Revolver tool (4 tools) with 3 automatic rotation positions
  • Bead pressing tool.
  • Intelligent electro-mechanical turntable with Hydraulic axial movement.
  • Side lifter with vertical lift (80 kg)
  • Premium lifter with complete-movement ascent and descent (85kg)
  • Side lifter with vertical lift (80 kg).
  • Latest-generation inverter motor.
  • Ergonomic pedal controls.
  • Manually adjustable tool for the assembly of the first bead.
  • Lower bead breaker disc and lower assembly tool with separate movement.
  • Hydraulic power unit.
  • Mobile control console.
  • Inflation electronic inflator (fitted as standard in the SUPER and PREMIUM versions).
  • Interactive multifunctional TFT-LCD TOUCH SCREEN interface with microprocessor control.

Mondolfo Ferro Tornado | Tire Changer

SKU: MFTornado
    • Innovative “Without Lever” – Touchless
    • Hydraulically operated super-automatic tire changer
    • Wheel diameter selection.
    • All types of wheels from 13” to 32”.
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