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The R5000HD Commercial Truck Alignment System.

See significantly higher income production with much faster operating times without any loss of accuracy.  Choose the R5000HD for your shop and add alignment to the offering of services you can provide today.  Suited for larger commercial vehicles, the double inclometer allows caster adjustment without steering. No run out clamps enable user to skip out of any compensation procedures.


This 6-CCD sensor wheel alignment system features Infra-red transmission among measuring heads. Bluetooth transmission between front measuring heads and control unit. Special side supports allow housing and recharging the measuring head batteries. Portable aligner console can be conveniently positioned anywhere in available bay space.

Rotary R5000HD | CTA Wheel Alignment System

SKU: R5000HD
    •  6-CCD Sensor System
    •  Standard Fast Clamps
    •  Bluetooth Communication
    •  No Run-out Compensation
    •  19" Color Monitor
    •  4 LED Sensors
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